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Journal of Textile Science & Engineering

Aspects of Applying Ergonomic Tests in the Evaluation of Ballistic Body Armours Using the Example of Ballistic Vests


Author(s): Bogdan A, Marszałek A, Majchrzycka K, Brochocka A, Luczak A and Zwolinska M

The main objective of using ballistic protection (such as ballistic vests) is to protect the human body from mechanical damage. In Poland, the requirements for ballistic vests and ballistic inserts are set out in PN-V 87000:2011 Light ballistic armour. Bullet-proof and fragmentation vests Requirements and tests. This standard lays particular emphasis on the quality of workmanship of the vest etc, ergonomics aspects are treated marginally. At the same time, the use of any elements that cover the body affects the process of heat exchange between the human body and the environment, and can cause thermal strain while performing various tasks which can affect the accuracy of user’s actions. Hence it is important to determine the level of their impact on the physiological and psychological reactions of the vest user. In this paper the results of comprehensive ergonomic tests of ballistic armour are analyzed and an example of this type of research methodology, covering important aspects of the functioning of the body under strain conditions of effort and a thermal environment is presented. In order to conduct a broad assessment of the ergonomic aspects for selected vests, the following measurements were performed: thermal insulation of uniforms and vests; based on the result, a temperature range was determined in which the vests should be used in order to avoid negative heat sensations for the user; the impact of vests on physiological indicators of users; work comfort in vests, in laboratory and field tests; influence of vests on human psychological parameters.