Indian Textile Accessories and Machinery Manufacturers Association

Journal of Textile Science & Engineering

Engineering Fiber Volume Fraction of Natural Fiber Staple - Spun Yarn Reinforced Composite


Author(s): El Messiry M and EL Deeb R

There is a large demand for high fiber volume fraction natural fiber reinforcement polymer composites. Among many parameters affecting the mechanical properties of a composite, the fiber volume fraction is the most decisive factor. The effect of fiber volume fraction on the physical and tensile properties of aligned natural fiber staple spun yarn composites has been intensively investigated. However, there have been no direct studies on determining the relation between composite fiber volume fraction and the yarn fiber volume fraction for fiber staple-spun yarn composite. With the intention to improve the utilization of most fibers of the yarn cross section in the composite, the variation of the yarn diameter in staple-spun yarn reinforced composite is investigated in this study. The analysis of the yarn diameter indicates that it has a high variability that necessitates an increase in the composite diameter to envelope all the yarn body leading to reduction in its fiber volume fraction. A model for the determination of composite fiber volume fraction was driven, grounded on the analysis of the yarn diameter variability along its length. An equation has also been developed to calculate the diameter of the composite to cover majority of yarn cross section