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Journal of Textile Science & Engineering

Full-color gamut mixing model constructed by four-color fibers and spinning of rotor-color yarn


Author(s): Wang Yanyan*, Xue Yuan, Chen Yourong and Chen Guofang

Using three kinds of colored fiber and one kind of gray fiber as raw materials, a four-primary-color coupling-superposition color mixing model is constructed by the method of coupling and superposition based on the color mixing model, color change can be controlled in the range of panchromatic gamut, and the digital precision control of hue, brightness, and chrominance can be realized. Based on the three-channel NC spinning principle, the three-channel spinning mechanism of multi-channel feeding speed ratio, primary color fiber mixing ratio, and forming yarn color was established. One hundred fifty-six colors of three series of the same brightness but different hue; same hue but different brightness; and same hue but different chrominance are selected from the full-gamut color mixing model for spinning yarn and fabric; then list the HSL values of blended yarn, the technological feasibility of producing color yarn based on full-color gamut mixing model and three-channel CNC rotor spinning platform is verified.