Indian Textile Accessories and Machinery Manufacturers Association

Journal of Textile Science & Engineering

Lean Manufacturing and Value Engineering, Two Concepts for Sustainable Management


Author(s): da Silva de Santis SH, Dedini FG, Marcicano JPP and de Santis VC

This project aims to evaluate the lean production concepts in use in the textile industry. The goal is to investigate the management practices that contribute to the development of sustainable production processes. The adjustments necessary to the system development focuses on the management of resources and inputs of production processes to promote the best use of these and still cutting costs, making the company sustainable economy. The purpose, therefore, is to deploy management practices, tools and routines that help in the company's processes. The research will be developed through case study, we intend to analyse the reality of the organization. The data collected through interviews, questionnaires and secondary source (books, articles and magazines) that will be used as the basis of information and provide the necessary clarification for the rationale.