Indian Textile Accessories and Machinery Manufacturers Association

Journal of Textile Science & Engineering

Smart Textiles Utilize Stimuli Sensitive Materials


Author(s): Esubalew Dessie*

The application of stimuli-sensitive materials in smart textiles has revolutionized the field of wearable technology, offering exciting possibilities for functionality and interactivity. Stimuli-sensitive materials, also known as smart or responsive materials, are designed to respond to various external stimuli, such as heat, light, moisture, pressure, or electrical signals, by changing their physical or chemical properties. One of the key applications of stimuli-sensitive materials in smart textiles is in the area of temperature regulation. Thermo chromic materials, for example, change color in response to temperature fluctuations, allowing the fabric to visually indicate changes in body temperature or environmental conditions. This can be particularly useful in sportswear, where athletes can monitor their exertion levels or in medical garments, where changes in body temperature can be an important indicator of health.