Indian Textile Accessories and Machinery Manufacturers Association

Journal of Textile Science & Engineering

Textiles in Earth-Quake Resistant Constructions


Author(s): Subhankar Maity* and Kunal Singha

The present paper reports some of the important developments in the field of application of textile materials in earthquake resistance constructions. Cement concrete reinforced with steel rods and rings are very popular in ordinary construction material. One major drawback of using steel is its susceptibility to environmental attack which can severely reduce the strength and life of concrete structures. Recent developments in the field of fiber reinforced cement (FRCs) composites have resulted in the development of highly efficient construction materials. The FRCs are unaffected by electro-mechanical deterioration and can resist corrosive effects of acids, alkalis, salts and similar aggregates under a wide range of temperatures. The fibers used in FRCs, their properties and their applications have been reported here. The various techniques of application of FRCs on the new and existing masonry structures to protect them from earthquake have been discussed here.